Dissolve a Business

Businesses dissolve for a number of reasons. Whether the venture wasn't successful, you've decided to move in a different direction, or are shutting your doors for any other reason, you can't just close up shop. If you've decided to go out of business, you must notify the state to formally dissolve your LLC or corporation.

Why do I need to dissolve my business?

To save money! Until you complete the steps involved to dissolve your business, you're still liable for taxes, annual report filings, and other obligations. If you were to ignore these responsibilities, you could incur unnecessary penalties.

How do I dissolve an LLC or corporation?

There are multiple steps involved in officially dissolving your business and Stanford Entity Management LLC can help. We'll walk you through each part including filing a Certificate of Dissolution with the state, making final federal tax deposits, and filing your tax return for the year. We'll simplify the process and make sure you don't miss anything so you don't incur tax penalties and avoid extra fees from the state.

Dissolve a Business

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Stanford Entity Management LLC is owned by a trusted Coral Gables, FL accounting firm. We specialize in tax compliance and will show you how to close out your books and minimize tax liabilities when dissolving a business. Request a consultation online now to learn more or call us.

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