Virtual Address

Could your business benefit from a virtual address?

The standard business model is changing and those who once reported to an office from 9-to-5 are now evolving and operating from unconventional places like their homes. While there are certainly plenty of pros to this, it makes it tough to provide a physical address that’s shareable for client relations.

At Stanford Entity Management LLC, we’ve got a solution for that! Consider renting a virtual office space. A virtual office is more than just a mailing address — it’s a reputation builder. Having a physical address to share with your clients allows for your business to appear professional.

With our virtual office services your business will have access to:

  • A physical business address in Coral Gables
  • Mail and package reception services with convenient hours available for pick ups
  • Optimize your remote business with a business address.

Virtual offices are a modern solution to a growing need and can help ease the growing pains of an expanding business that’s not located in a traditional office environment. Working from home is more than just a viable option, but the preferred one for many. However, using a home address for work purposes isn’t always the best option for business owners.

  • Benefits of having a virtual business address include:
  • Update online map listings with a business address, rather than your home address
  • Utilize the business address for company registrations
  • Provides a professional presence to clients and customers
  • Plus, it’s an affordable alternative to actually renting out a full office space.

Stanford Entity Management LLC is your one stop solution to a professional look for those who are thinking out of the box when it comes to their business.

Our virtual offices give you everything you need to keep your business running smoothly. Contact us today to speak to a team member about setting up the virtual office your business deserves.

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