Reinstate a Florida Corporation or LLC

The State of Florida regulates the ability to operate a business within it's jurisdiction. Florida demands that a business submits annual reports and other filings within specific timeframes in order to maintain their good standing and keep their doors open. Failure to keep up with these state requirements can result in the involuntary dissolution of your business. Although a corporation or LLC may have been administratively dissolved, it can get back into good graces with the state by filing for reinstatement.

Sometimes, shareholders may make a deliberate decision to close up shop but then circumstances change. In cases like this, reviving the business is still an option. As with any type of state mandated registration, to get your business going again in the eyes of the state, there's a form and there's a fee.

How do I reinstate my Florida business?

To reinstate a Florida corporation, you must file a Corporation Reinstatement with the Division of Corporations. To reinstate as an LLC you must file a Limited Liability Company Reinstatement with the Division of Corporations. Stanford Entity Management LLC can help you do this online and answer any questions you might have while completing the application.

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